Double Sided LED Bulbs

Our 2 sided LED tube uses up to 70% less energy than fluorescent tubes, lasts years longer and has no mercury, lead, or other environmental contaminants. Our LED tube functions better in harsh, cold, or hot environments. Our Double Sided LED tube is encased in Panlite polycarbonate for long lasting durability. Most importantly the LED tube emits a better, quieter light that is healthier for the eye.

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting technology:

• Environmentally friendly: they are not filled with mercury, lead or phosphor powders
• Long lifespan and energy saving: save 60% energy and get 50,000 hours of lifespan
• No noise, no flicker and instant starting for healthy lighting
• Solid-state and vibration resistant: the LED fluorescent light is made of acrylic, so it is more solid and safe to use

Our Double Sided LED Tubes truly are the next generation in LED lighting.

Some of the applications of LED bulbs are: